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  • battle ropes

    10m Battle Rope, with Handle Grips

    R1 305.00R1 799.00
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  • Aerobic Step

    Exercise Step (Aerobic Step)

    R1 251.00
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  • kettlebell

    Kettlebell Classic

    R203.00R1 417.00
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  • Landmine

    Landmine Functional Trainer

    R1 840.00
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  • powerbag

    Power Bags

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  • pullup bar

    Pullup Bar (Wall Mounted)

    R1 999.00
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  • powerbands

    Resistance Bands (Powerbands)

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  • Boxing Gloves

    Training Boxing Gloves (Machine Washable)

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  • training sled

    Training Sled

    R1 751.00
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  • knee raise

    Vertical Knee Raise, Wall Mounted

    R1 999.00
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  • Sale! Wall Ball

    Wall Ball

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