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All Terrain Sled (ATS)

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The ATS was developed by athletes for athletes to make you FITTER – STRONGER- FASTER!
We know that as an athlete you don’t want to spend all of your time in the gym, and that you need to be on the road or field mastering your craft! This is why we came up with the ATS, All Terrain Sled. The ATS will develop your speed or strength with just one simple adjustment. It does not require heavy weights to be effective, which makes it more efficient during a multi athlete training session.
The ATS was developed for any sports person, from a sprinter, rugby player to a powerlifter, as it will improve your explosive power as well as your raw strength. Engineered and laser cut to precision.  All terrain wheels for great traction and durability. Simple Resistance Control (No weights needed, but weights can be used for additional resistance)

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