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Sand Bell®

Grip it. Curl it. Throw it. Catch it. Push it. Pull it. Slam it. Made of tough, stretchy neoprene, the SandBell is the most versati le free weight on the market. The preferred weight training tool of professional athletes, trainers, and K-12 P.E. programs. Sizes range from 2-50 lbs. and are available empty or filled. Patented.

Hyper Vest®

PRO Pro-performance. High intensity. Form fitting. Durable. The Hyper Vest PRO is the slimmest, most comfortable weight vest that fits perfectly to the core. This durable vest comes sold with 10 lbs. and has the ability to fluctuate weight load. The vest is weighted with steel weights, and the fabric is wicking and breathable. Hyper Vest PRO sizes SM to XXL. Extra weights sold in 5 lb booster boxes. Maximum weight varies by size

Sand Rope™

HARD CORE in Less Space Than BATTLE ROPES. Get the cardio, strength and fat burning benefits of battle rope training, but in less space and without needing an anchor point. The SandRope is a patent pending 10 foot long neoprene tube packed with 15 or 30 lbs. of shifting sand. Sold filled with optional anchor kit included.

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