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Get effective strength training at home or anywhere with the safe, portable weight-resistance of PowA Tubes. Available in different weight resistance levels, they deliver an extremely versatile kit for your resistance workout routine. This Box Set includes PowA Tubes as well as the essential PowA accessories for a complete workout!

A PowA-Tube Training Set is an expandable workout kit that helps you get the most out of your training sessions. The PowA-Tube (resistance tube) is made of heavy duty, premium components.

Durable LATEX-FREE tubing is strength-tested to determine reliable weight-resistance levels. All accessories have been manufactured to full commercial grade, for optimal performance and durability.

1 Yellow PowA Tube 1m
1 Grey PowA Tube 1m
1 Black PowA Tube 1m
1 Orange PowA Tube 1m
1 Pink PowA Tube 1m
2 Handles
2 Cuffs
1 Door Anchor
1 Post Anchor

PowA Tubes

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