We create fitness spaces

Gym concept, layout and design is more than delivering and installing equipment. It's about creating a workout space that you want to go back to because you enjoy working out in your gym.

To make that possible we start with a cup of coffee and chat to find out more about the personality of the gym you want.

From there we look at the design and layout of the space. If there's an architectural aesthetic focusing on creating a specific mood we take that into consideration.

With those elements in mind, we'll create the fitness space that not only meets the aesthetic requirements but also facilitates the users' fitness goals. The type of equipment, equipment colours and position are arranged in the best locations to facilitate a natural flow through the gym. The same process is followed for commercial, corporate, home, sports specific, community, outdoor or container gyms.

You'll be part of the process each step of the way. Your feedback is important to ensure we meet your expectations. The layout and design will be created in a 3D program so that you can get a better idea of the final product. 

We know that gym members make the decision to use a facility based on first impressions. What does the reception look like, how does it smell and do I get the feeling that I want to train here? A well thought out, intuitive layout, with clear indicators of how to move through the gym, gives members confidence in the facility. They know where it's safe to walk and train in confidence knowing they're in the right place for their workout.

In corporate environments, it'snot always possible to get to a gym and get back in the time allocated for breaks. In several instances, we've installed the gym in the workspace. The equipment isn't traditional pieces that take up a significant amount of space and make a lot of noise.

Staff can take 5-minute breaks and do an exercise or choose to work on a treadmill or bike which has a work surface attached for that purpose. The workout stations can be attached to the walls around the room so there's easy access for everyone. Healthier, active staff are more productive.

If space allows an outdoor or container gym in unused space could be installed. 

The possibilities are endless, we have solutions for any space.

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