PowA Tubes Workout Range

PowA Tube resistance bands are elastic

resistance tubes

used for strength training. Different colours represent different resistance levels. The ends of the bands can be attached to handles, wrist cuffs, door anchor or any other exercise products in the PowA range. Create a different workout to target different muscles for each band – each colour bands resistance represents different weights. Use one

resistance band

or several at the same time. Also used for yoga and pilates exercises. Used in place of a rubber loop in many cases. The

PowA Tubes

are manufactured in South Africa and backed by after-sales support for the product and training solutions & programs.

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  • Anchor Strap

    PowA Anchor Strap

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  • Shoulder Harness

    PowA Shoulder Harness

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  • Powa Towa Single

    Powa Towa

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  • PowA BoxA

    PowA TrainA

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  • Powa Fitness Resistance Tubes

    PowA Tubes 1m (Resistance Power Tubes)

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  • Waist Belt

    PowA Waist Belt

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