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Origin Fitness Gym Wall Combo

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The Origin Fitness Gym Wall Combo is designed to offer maximum functionality while taking up almost no space. The Gym Wall is simply bolted against the wall, and comes with a range of training accessories as well as storage.
Ideal for small group training sessions, The Origin Fitness Gym Wall Combo can be used to perform thousands of different exercises and for all fitness levels.
The Gym Wall Combo consists of :
- 2 x Wall Mounted Gym Wall Frame with Pullup Bar
- Anchor Rings for PowA Tubes
- 1 x Storage Rack (2 Plain Shelves, 1 Shelf With Hooks)
- 2 x Height Adjustable Spotting Arms

- 2 x Height Adjustable KNee Raise/Dip Arms
- 1 x suspension Trainer
- 1 x Powa Tube Kit

Optional Extras Include :
- Olympic Bar & Weights
- Adjustable Training Bench
- Boxing Bag

Origin Fitness Gym Wall

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