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GUN-eX Gunning Kit (Elastic Battle Ropes)

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Gun-eX elastic battle ropes have a higher training effect, exercise variability and durability. Elastic battle ropes fight back as well as add resistance to your every move. Develop core and upper body strength and power.

Kit especially designed for GUNNING™ group classes. It contains everything you need for 2 people training together in pair. In usual training situations, one person anchors the ropes and ‘rests’ while the person on the other end performs an exercise. Then they switch their roles, creating a very effective way to perform high intensity interval training with a group of clients where “resting” half is still actively engaged as well as working.

Gun-eX is recommended for crossfit gyms, functional zones in fitness clubs, PT training, sports conditioning as well as home use. Get COBRA GUNNING kit if you want to start with group elastic battle ropes training. You can do all battle exercises, swings and whips, as well as basic core and push/pull exercises. You can easily buy as well as add other accessories later to the kit for even more training variability.

Gun-eX GUNNING Training Kit

Gun-eX GUNNING Training Kit Introduction

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