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Functional training studios are most often smaller fitness facilities that specifically cater small groups or individuals. They usually offer a training program based on improving overall health and fitness a variety of functional training tools and exercises.

Functional training has become a standard for which many gyms and trainers round the world have adopted. Functional training is aimed at improving overall health and fitness with exercises designed to improve the overall athletic function of the human body.

Origin Fitness has a wide range of the leading functional training tools currently on the market, from all over the world. With a combination of our functional equipment, you will add thousands of exercises and exercise-combinations to your regime.

A turn-key solution is where the essential design and concept of a solution is provided by a supplier or contractor to help improve an existing model without having to create changes to operation. Origin Fitness can provide turn-key solutions for functional training studios and Crossfit boxes, with a wide range of fitness products designed to offer you more versatility with your equipment and more value for your money.

Versatile, durable and tested gym equipment is required that can provide you with the tools to offer enjoyable, challenging and rewarding sessions on a daily basis. Origin Fitness has a wide range of leading functional fitness products from around the world that will enable you to create your very own ‘One-of-a-Kind’ fitness facility.

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