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Smart Fitness Flooring

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Adopting the Smart Fitness Tiles at your facility will allow you to offer a unique customer experience while still producing relevant fitness results. Integrate modern technology to enhance your member experience, drive membership sales and make membership retention easier.
The Smart Fitness Tiles are controlled through a direct Wi-Fi connection with any i-Pad. The software allows you to choose from pre-designed sequences and workouts as well as creating your own unique sequences and workouts.
You can choose the sequence of tiles and lights. You can choose between 4 colour light per tile : Blue, Yellow, Red, Green.
Program your desired workouts and sequences, and once complete, you can access the results and data on your i-Pad.

Standard size is 9 tiles (3m x 3m). Comes with FREE i-Pad.
Custom sizes and designs can be ordered on request.

Smart Fitness Flooring