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South African industry loses R 15 billion per anum and 132 million workdays due to premature employee deaths related to cardiovascular disease (high blood pressure, stroke, diabetes and obesity), and over R 20 billion is currently lost as a result of absenteeism and lowered productivity related to illness and disability (sources: SACOB).

Corporate gyms are fitness facilities that specifically cater for staff and employees of a company, or several companies sharing an office block. They usually offer basic amenities and services that may include change rooms, showers, personal trainers and fitness classes, in addition to the fitness equipment and training areas.

Corporate gyms offer a wide variety of gym equipment and fitness training areas that may include weight training areas, cardiovascular and endurance training areas, group training areas, swimming pools, stretch areas, functional training areas and circuit training areas.

Origin Fitness can provide ‘foundation-to- implementation’ and turn-key solutions that help companies develop new opportunities to promote a wellness lifestyle while improving overall employee happiness, wellness and work engagement. A turn-key solution is where the essential design and concept of a solution is provided by a supplier or contractor to help improve an existing model without having to create changes to operation. Origin Fitness can provide turn-key solutions for any size company that want to enhance the efficiency of the workforce, and create a healthier workplace.

With vast experience in the industry and a wide range of leading fitness products, Origin Fitness can assist in improving your bottom line! If you are looking at implementing a corporate wellness program, Origin Fitness can provide a full ‘Foundation-To- Implementation’ plan that will assist you in creating a customized package to meet your company’s requirements. We can assist with gym design and layout, facility implementation, equipment supply and facility management services. Durable, high-grade gym equipment is required that can withstand a high volume of people using the equipment on a daily basis. Commercial gym equipment is built to withstand these demands, and Origin Fitness offers high quality commercial gym equipment brands and items that can provide your gym with a strong foundation.

In addition to commercial gym equipment, functional training tools add great value and variety to the fitness offerings.