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Origin Fitness Container Gym™ 6m, Olympic Weights

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The Origin Fitness Container Gym is THE solution for your outdoor gym training requirements! The Olympic Container Gym comes with Olympic Training Bars and Olympic Rubber Coated weight Plates (Not Standard Size)

Outdoor training is the new concept of fitness, with more and more people wanting to train outdoors. The OF Container Gym allows you to dedicate an outdoor fitness space with a variety of equipment for creating workouts that are constantly varied and challenging, for all age groups and fitness levels.

Up to 50 people can comfortably train in and around the container gym simultaneously!

The OF Container Gym can be placed on any flat surface, and comes with Gym Walls, Boxing Bags, Standard Bars & Weights, Benches & Plyo Boxes, Suspension Trainers, Sandbell® Sandbags, PowA Tubes® Sets, Agility Hurdles, Ladders & Cones, PowA-TrainA Units, Exercise Mats and Battle Ropes.

Origin Fitness Container Gym

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