Container Gym™

A flexible gym solution that's at home in urban as well as rural and remote settings.

Container Gym With Boxing Bags 2 (2)
Start your own gym
Backup & Support
No Building Plans
  • Designed for people who love to exercise.
  • Numerous exercises and workouts.
  • Go from high intensity training to cardio and strength without breaking your stride.
  • Install by placing on grass or a solid base of concrete, or similar.
  • Tennis courts are the perfect size to setup a complete gym.
  • Up to 50 people can comfortably train in and around the container gym simultaneously!
  • The Container Gym can be placed on any flat surface and includes a comprehensive range of accessories.

Included in the standard Container Gym™

Origin Fitness Container 6m1.00
Gym Wall6.00
PowA-Tube Set for Gym Wall4.00
PowA Bar 1 Meter4.00
Gym Wall Dip/VKR Arms3.00
Gym Wall Squat Arms3.00
Gym Wall Shelf7.00
Weight Plate Trolley / Wheelbarrow2.00
Boxing Bag (XL) 1000x34x31.5kg2.00
Boxing Bag Bracket2.00
PowA Suspension Trainer Yellow/Grey Orig2.00
Bench PowA Multi Adjustable Origin2.00
Bar Standard Straight 1x72 (2.5cm x 1814.00
Weight Plate Rubber Coated Std 2.5kg Blk6.00
Weight Plate Rubber Coated Std 5kg Blk6.00
Weight Plate Rubber Coated Std 10kg blk6.00
Weight Plate Rubber Coated Std 15kg Blk6.00
Weight Plate Rubber Coated Std 20kg Blk6.00
Rack Mat Wall Mounted 10 mats1.00
Mat Exercise Origin 1.3x0.6X.025m PVC11.00
PowA Trainer - Medium/Heavy Set (ORIGIN)11.00
Sandbell 6lb/3kg2.00
Sandbell 4.5Kg2.00
Sandbell 12lb/5.5kg2.00
Sandbell 15lb/7kg2.00
Sandbell 20lb/9kg2.00
Sandbell 25lb/11kg1.00
Sandbell 30lb/14kg1.00
Sandbell 40lb/18kg1.00
PowA Ladder Agility 4m Flat4.00
Hurdle Micro 6" / 15cm3.00
Hurdle Midi 9" / 22cm3.00
Hurdle Mini 12' / 30cm3.00
Cone Agility set 20pc incld holding bar1.00
Fitness Ropes 1.5inch/36mm per metre20.00
Fitness Ropes Handles 1.5inch pair2.00
Plyo Box 3 in 12.00

Container Gym™

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    Origin Fitness Container Gym™ 6m, Olympic Weights

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  • Container Gym

    Origin Fitness Container Gym™ 6m, Standard Weights

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