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What is a Commercial Gym?

Commercial gyms are large fitness facilities that can cater for hundreds to thousands of people. They usually offer ample amenities and services that may include change rooms, showers, childcare services and smoothie bars, in addition to the fitness equipment and training areas.

Commercial gyms offer a wide variety of gym equipment and fitness training areas that may include weight training areas, cardiovascular and endurance training areas, group training areas, swimming pools, stretch areas, functional training areas, and circuit training areas.

Origin Fitness can provide turn-key solutions that help commercial gym owners develop new opportunities to promote a wellness lifestyle, while improving member retention numbers and new members.

Additional services include personal trainer advanced education courses and gym management services.

What is a turn-key solution?

A turn-key solution is where the essential design and concept of a solution is provided by a supplier or contractor to help improve an existing model without having to create changes to the operation.

Origin Fitness can provide turn-key solutions for any size gym that will enhance the services offered and positively affect membership retention numbers as well as new members.

With vast experience in the industry and a wide range of leading fitness products, Origin Fitness can assist in improving your bottom line!

What is “Foundation to Implementation”?

The fitness industry is a continually growing one, as more and more people are starting to take care of their health. As such, there is a higher demand for fitness service providers such as gyms, personal trainers, sport conditioning coaches and more…

If you are looking at starting up your own gym, Origin Fitness can provide a full ‘Foundation-To-Implementation’ plan that will assist you in turning your dream into a reality. We can assist with gym design and layout, facility implementation, equipment supply and facility management services.

Additional services include personal trainer advanced education courses.