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NuBell Training Weights, Pro Set

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Nubells are ergonomic and comfortable to lift – Because the weight of the NuBells is perfectly balanced around your hand, they are extremely comfortable to lift. For specific exercises (like heavy presses and curls) the better weight distribution takes a lot of tension off your wrist and/or elbow, allowing users struggling with movement restriction to do pain-free lifts with the NuBell that are painful with a regular dumbbell.
The ability to grip the NuBells so they are almost parallel with your arm is also great for exercises like triceps kickback and hammer curls, where you want to keep your hands as close to the side of your body as possible.
The standard NuBells are great and the ability to easily turn them into a barbell or use them as kettlebells makes them even better.
The NuBell Pro Set consists of weights from 2.25kg to 13.5kg as well as a straight bar accessory and two-tier storage rack.

Nubell Training Weights

Nubell Training Weights