Commercial Strength Equipment

Plate loaded, selectorised, single units and multi-station's, power racks, wall & floor mounted machines and storage units. Designed to be used in high traffic facilities by both standard and high-performance users. The commercial strength equipment is tried and tested and installed in several commercial gyms.

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  • multi station da

    Commercial 4-User Multi Station, DA Series

  • 4 Multi Station 1

    Commercial 4-User Multi Station, SA Series

  • Ab Back

    Commercial Ab & Back Station, DA Series

  • Ab Back SA

    Commercial Ab & Back Station, SA Series

  • bicep curl

    Commercial Bicep Curl, DA Series

  • bicep curl

    Commercial Bicep Curl, Plate Loaded Series

  • Bicep Curl 1

    Commercial Bicep Curl, SA Series

  • DA022

    Commercial Cable Crossover, DA Series

  • Cable Crossover 2

    Commercial Cable Crossover, SA Series

  • Chest Press

    Commercial Chest Press, DA Series

  • chest press

    Commercial Chest Press, Plate Loaded Series

  • Chest Press 1

    Commercial Chest Press, SA Series

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