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Commercial Strength Equipment

Plate loaded, selectorised, single units and multi-station's, power racks, wall & floor mounted machines and storage units. Designed to be used in high traffic facilities by both standard and high-performance users. The commercial strength equipment is tried and tested and installed in several commercial gyms.

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  • Sale! smith machine

    Smith Machine PowA OF Olympic

    R13 509.30
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  • img 20191202 204721 340

    Gym Wall Squat/Bench Arms

    R1 500.00
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  • Sale! Placeholder

    Rack Dumbell Upright 5 Pairs

    R1 610.00
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  • Sale! Dumbbell Rack X 2

    Rack Dumbell X-Rack 10 Pairs

    R3 325.00
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  • Sale! Dumbell Rack

    Rack Dumbell Rack OF 10 Pairs

    R3 324.65
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  • Sale! Dumbell Rack

    Rack Dumbell 10 Pairs (DR012)

    R4 787.30
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  • Placeholder

    Rack Barbell 10 Pairs (DR031)

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  • gym wall bundle 1

    Gym Wall Bundle

    R19 851.33
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  • Sale! medicine ball rack

    Rack Medicine Balls (5 Balls)

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  • Sale! Placeholder

    Rack Plate Rack & Weight Trolley

    R2 772.35
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  • Sale! Placeholder

    Rack Weight Plate Tree Std PowA OF

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  • Sale! mat rack

    Rack Exercise Mat Wall Mntd (10 Mats)

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