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Jacobs Ladder 2 Exercise Machine

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The Jacobs Ladder 2 workout and same reliability as the revolutionary Jacobs Ladder climbing cardio machine, yet designed for the home or small commercial environment. We took Jacobs Ladder and made 3 changes: Smaller Frame; Steel and Polyurethane rungs; Plug point requirement.

Jacobs Ladder also offers the athlete the option of HIIT (high intensity interval workouts). Speed of the rungs determined by the user. HIIT interval training workouts achieved by utilizing 1-3 minute intervals at 85-90% maximum heart rate. Jacob’s Ladder emulates sprinting or stair climbing without incurring the high impact on joints.

Product Features & Benefits :
• increases heart rate quicker than other machines
• self-paced, so you set your own speed
• natural climbing position reduces stress on the back as well as hips
• very low impact on all joints
• long and dynamic climbing stroke ensures a full range of motion

Jacobs Ladder II Exercise Machine