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Air Bike

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The Origin Fitness Air Bike is engineered with an eye toward simplicity and function, offering an awesome user experience!
The Origin Fitness Air Bike isn't a typical "cardio" training machine. It is a total body exercise bike that is the perfect low impact as well as high intensity fitness partner to compliment your commercial or private gym setup. The Origin Fitness Air bike will offer variety for your programming and ultimately benefit your members. It's low maintenance as well as durability are attractive in any fitness environment.

It is not built around a flywheel. Instead, it uses a huge resistance fan connected to the pedals via a belt and pulley system. When the fan starts to turn, and your speed increases, so does the air resistance on the blades of the fan.

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128 x 28 x 121 cm


Easy Adjustment Setup, Wheels For Easy Transport, Durable Chain-Drive System


2-Year Limited Warranty

Origin Fitness Air Bike

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