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MOVE YOUR MIND | Ultimateinstability® consists of a training method in which the unique qualities of water play an important role. Due to the hydro-inertia unpredictable forces of the water create a lot of instability during your training. Because of this instability you need to stay focused all the time and your coordination and control improves accordingly. Your body needs to discover its boundaries of movement all the time and in this way you learn to better adapt to the ever-changing environment.

 Simply doing your normal speed drills with an Aquabag on your shoulders will improve your speed.

We tend to focus on force production when trying to improve speed. But force transfer (how efficiently you transfer force to the ground) is actually more important and more trainable. By adding an unstable load, like the Aquabag, to your shoulders, your body naturally responds by co-contracting key muscles acting around the spine, so as to produce a “stiffer” body, and hence better force transfer.

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