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We will design, build, fit and kit your fitness facility to suit your needs.

We are gym facilities and fitness equipment fanatics – and we will create the fitness space you want and will love. Because we love what we do – and we’re champions at getting it right. We have the expertise. We have the experience. We have the mental muscle and offer a range of the finest gym equipment the world has to offer – and we work hard. To us, sweat is no problem – especially when it comes to sweating the small stuff. Working out is what we do, especially when it comes to the creating the ideal, cost effective solution to meet your fitness goals.

We’ll give you the advice in style and design and layout – and we will give you advice on the latest equipment and trends in kit that’s designed to keep you fit.

We will work with you, every step of the way. We do good, healthy business.

Our proven track record of success, along with long-standing relationships is evidence – and we have a ‘show-off-room’ where where you can see for yourself exactly what we can do and what makes Origin Fitness your gym-dream solution team.

 Let us be your start-to-finish gym equipment and design solution.